Come Dance With Us!

We have 6 shows left of Dancing Lessons by Mark St. Germain at the Jericho Arts Centre. We still have 6 shows left and can’t wait to share this lovely dance with you! You can get your tickets at

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Directed by Sarah Rodgers, Dancing Lessons centers on Ever (played by Andrew Coghlan) a geosciences professor on the autism spectrum, who approaches his neighbour Senga (Sandra Medeiros) for a dancing lesson. Humorous and heartwarming, audiences are loving this play!

Directed by Sarah Rodgers. Stage Managed/Sound Design/Projection Design by Nico Dicecco. Set Design by Ariel Slack. Lighting Design by Taylor Janzen. Costumes/Props by Ella Heatley-Mulhall. Videography by Trevor Meyer. Set Building by Dan Wiebe. Photos by Angelo Renai.

Here are some of our reviews:

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Naked Goddess

Thanks For A Great Year!

2018 was a very busy and wonderful year for Naked Goddess! We created two shows this year! TWO SHOWS! Producing a show requires a ton of time, energy, patience and passion…and we are so proud of what we accomplished this year! Both shows were completely different from each other and each were a huge success in their own way – our spring production of A Beautiful View by Daniel McIvor garnered a Jessie Richardson award nomination and our winter production of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson enjoyed a near sold out run!

In March, we presented A Beautiful View by Daniel McIvor. This beautiful Canadian play about two flawed yet unflinching genuine women and their touching, humorous journey of discovery and human connection, brought our audiences into an intimate story of love and friendship. Directed by Tamara McCarthy with a fabulous design team consisting of Nico Dicecco, Sandy Margaret and Celeste English; the play featured Sandra acting alongside the lovely Melissa Oei, who was nominated for a Jessie Richardson award for her stunning performance.

Photo by Angelo Renai

Photo by Angelo Renai

In December, we decided to do something we had never done before…create a family friendly play! Sandra had fallen in love with the book The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Richardson when she was a child and was excited to bring this to the Naked Goddess stage! We brought back our fabulous director Tamara McCarthy and a few other familiar faces in the cast and design team who we were thrilled to work with again– Nico Dicecco, Celeste English, Melissa Oei, Eric Regimbald and Sandra’s twins, Amelie Love and Madeline Angel. Dan Weibe joined us again in a different role and another familiar face, Maria J. Cruz (who created Portuguese Buns Productions with Sandra) also hopped aboard our fun train. We had some fresh faces, with Ella Heatley-Mulhall and Hristina Hristozova along with a huge cast of talented children: Charlotte Clayton, Milan Gill, Pavel Piddocke, Luciano Leroux, Brendan Clelland, Ana Trajkovic, Olivia A, Vivian Brulot, Joanna Piddocke, Aias Dalman, Peter Gereb and Alix Lefler.

Photo by Tina Clelland
Photo by Tina Clelland

This play was a huge undertaking but we never laughed so hard in rehearsals and we also experienced sold out shows almost every single night! Audiences loved this lively Christmas classic about the six Herdman kids, or “the worst kids in the history of the world”, as they take over the annual Christmas pageant. Parents and children alike got caught up in the mayhem and fun of this hilarious and heartwarming story and we are so pleased that families made our little play a part of their holiday season. We also love that many kids got inspired by watching so many kids having such a great time on stage that they, too, want to start getting into theatre….it’s exciting to see the future of Vancouver theatre!

Photo by Tina Clelland

THANK YOU to everyone who worked so hard on our productions – both on stage and behind the scenes. You are appreciated and we are so grateful for you! Thank you to our wonderful audiences for showing up, believing in what we do and sharing in the beauty and joy of the stories that we tell on stage.

We can’t wait to continue on this evolving, exciting journey with you! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up on all things goddess!!


Sandra & Nicole

Unsung Heroes

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents of the kids in our production of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever…they are the true unsung heroes of this production.

Not only are these amazing parents encouraging their children’s artistic and creative dreams, but they have raised some really great little humans. These kids are kind, talented and professional and it has been such a joy to work with them on this project.

We are grateful to the parents for diligently getting their kids to all their rehearsals and performances. These parents have dealt with transit issues, rush hour traffic and have helped each other out with carpooling to ensure their kids made it on time.

That’s only half of it – these parents worked with their kids at home, to make sure they had their lines memorized and helped with their diction. They scrounged through their closets, looking for costumes pieces and accessories. They helped pick up props, set pieces and promotional material. These parents put up posters and postcards and helped promote the show which has helped us enjoy an extremely successful run. Then they sat in the audience, beaming, watching their children create magic on stage and become part of a special and heartwarming experience.

The support that these wonderful parents have given to their kids and to our production has helped us so much. They understand that theatre is a team effort and they are instilling these values to their children and we are so proud to know that the future of our theatre community is going to thrive with these fabulous kids.

Thank you so very much!!!

Sandra & Tamara

Having the Most Fun Ever!

Our latest production, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, is almost ready.  The lights are up, our voices are primed, and the set is calling.  We hope you’ll join us over the next couple of weeks beginning on Thursday, December 6th.  It’s going to be so much fun; reserve your seat here.

This past week a few members of our wonderful cast had a chance to share some of their experiences preparing for opening night with the local media.  Check out the following interviews to meet our brilliant actors, and to learn more about our upcoming production.

Our First Family Friendly Show!

We are so excited to present our first family friendly show with The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson and directed by Tamara McCarthy.

In this lively Christmas classic, the six Herdman kids, or "the worst kids in the history of the world", take over the annual Christmas pageant. Filled with mayhem and fun, this hilarious and heartwarming story is sure to be a favourite part of your holiday season!

Directed by Tamara McCarthy
Stage Manager/Sound Design: Nico Dicecco
Assistant Director: Sandra Medeiros
Set Design: Daniel Wiebe
Lighting Design: Celeste English
Costumes/Props: Ella Heatley-Mulhall
Set Painting: Hristina Hristozova

Photo by: Angelo Renai

Featuring: Melissa Oei, Maria J. Cruz. Eric Regimbald, Sandra Medeiros, Amelie Love, Madeline Angel, Charlotte Clayton, Milan Gill, Pavel Piddocke, Luciano Leroux, Brendan Clelland, Ana Trajkovic, Olivia A, Vivian Meneley-Brulot, Joanna Piddocke, Aias Dalman, Neven Azad, Peter Gereb & Alix Lefler

Check out our event page at:


Join us at Havana Vancouver before the show for Cuban food and drinks by reserving a table at We recommend booking a minimum of 90 minutes prior to your performance to make sure you get great theatre seats and the best dining experience. Or join us after the show for drinks and dessert.

Another Jessie Nomination for Naked Goddess!

The Jessie Richardson Award nominees have been announced! We are excited to announce that the lovely and talented Melissa Oei has been nominated for a Best Actress award for her role in our production of A Beautiful View by Daniel MacIvor. A Beautiful View was very well received and we are thrilled that Naked Goddess has been recognized by the Jessie Richardson awards for our last two productions. Not bad for a tiny indie company! Congratulations Melissa and also to our hardworking team – Tamara McCarthy, Nico Dicecco, Sandy Peters and Celeste English.

Ready, Steady, Go!

We are all ready to take our next production to the stage! From March 15-25, Naked Goddess Productions will present Daniel MacIvor’s “A Beautiful View” at the Kitsilano Neighbourhood House (2305 West 7th Avenue, Vancouver).

Directed by Tamara McCarthy. Featuring Sandra Medeiros and Melissa Oei. Stage Managed by Nico Dicecco. Scenic Design by Sandy Margaret. Lighting Design by Celeste English. Sound Design by Nico DiCecco

Tickets are available to be purchased on the TheatreWire website.

See what Vancouver Presents has written about our upcoming production, here.

We hope that you will Join us for this thoughtful examination of love and friendships.

The Jessies!

​The Jessie Awards are tonight and we are so excited and grateful to have received a nomination for Best Set Design for Wait Until Dark.

Thank you John Taylor for your wonderful design…you transformed the Havana into a 1960s basement suite where intrigue and murder would take place. Thank you also to all the wonderfully hard working people who helped build the set and make this world come alive.

Everybody who worked on this production deserves many accolades and it’s nice to get a little recognition from our local theatre community.

Best of luck to all the nominees and these goddesses are thrilled to be part of such a vibrant arts scene!!

Sandra & Nicole

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The end of a busy year….

The end of a very busy year is coming to a close. This year was both wonderful and challenging, with both of us coming out of hiatus and producing two very different shows on two different coasts. We each followed our hearts and we created…we encourage you all to do the same….

We could only have done it with the fabulous teams who joined us on these fabulously tumultuous journeys. People like us, with busy personal lives, but who have a passion for making human stories come alive on stage. Talented, hard working and very creative people for whom we are so grateful for….

Thank you to the following friends who poured in so much time, heart and energy: Tamara McCarthy, Carlo Marks, Sarah Mabberley, Triane Tambay, Matthew Macdonald-Bain, Graham Oxley, Emily Henney, Susete Helena, Sue Chiu, Angelo Renai, Bulent Hasan, Mercy Cherian, William Macdonald, Lily J. Mills, Laura Sepulveda and Lisa Scianella.

Thank you to all the fabulous people who have been supporting Naked Goddess Theatre from the beginning….and also thank you to those who just discovered us! We are grateful for everyone who helped out in a myriad of other ways – those who contributed time, creativity and resources, those who donated generously and those who bought tickets and shared in our stories.

Thank you to our audiences, filled with people who love theatre, people who love us, people who had never even seen live theatre before….people who laughed, cried and gasped in horror in dark intimate spaces with other strangers…all for that opportunity to be drawn into a human story and to FEEL. That’s what theatre is about. To help us really feel.

Theatre really matters in our world. It helps us to open our hearts. It helps open our eyes to the human condition. It helps us realize that we all do feel and that not one of us is perfect. We are each beautiful and flawed.

Please continue supporting us, Naked Goddess, and other theatre in our communities. Please encourage those you love to be a part of theatre and to come out and be wrapped up in the glory of lives being lived out on stage.

We are so grateful for all your support….in every way that you support us and we look forward to sharing even more wonderful human stories with you in the new year!

We wish you and yours a fabulous new year…filled with heart, delight and creativity!!

Sandra & Nicole