The Jessies!

​The Jessie Awards are tonight and we are so excited and grateful to have received a nomination for Best Set Design for Wait Until Dark.

Thank you John Taylor for your wonderful design…you transformed the Havana into a 1960s basement suite where intrigue and murder would take place. Thank you also to all the wonderfully hard working people who helped build the set and make this world come alive.

Everybody who worked on this production deserves many accolades and it’s nice to get a little recognition from our local theatre community.

Best of luck to all the nominees and these goddesses are thrilled to be part of such a vibrant arts scene!!

Sandra & Nicole

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The end of a busy year….

The end of a very busy year is coming to a close. This year was both wonderful and challenging, with both of us coming out of hiatus and producing two very different shows on two different coasts. We each followed our hearts and we created…we encourage you all to do the same….

We could only have done it with the fabulous teams who joined us on these fabulously tumultuous journeys. People like us, with busy personal lives, but who have a passion for making human stories come alive on stage. Talented, hard working and very creative people for whom we are so grateful for….

Thank you to the following friends who poured in so much time, heart and energy: Tamara McCarthy, Carlo Marks, Sarah Mabberley, Triane Tambay, Matthew Macdonald-Bain, Graham Oxley, Emily Henney, Susete Helena, Sue Chiu, Angelo Renai, Bulent Hasan, Mercy Cherian, William Macdonald, Lily J. Mills, Laura Sepulveda and Lisa Scianella.

Thank you to all the fabulous people who have been supporting Naked Goddess Theatre from the beginning….and also thank you to those who just discovered us! We are grateful for everyone who helped out in a myriad of other ways – those who contributed time, creativity and resources, those who donated generously and those who bought tickets and shared in our stories.

Thank you to our audiences, filled with people who love theatre, people who love us, people who had never even seen live theatre before….people who laughed, cried and gasped in horror in dark intimate spaces with other strangers…all for that opportunity to be drawn into a human story and to FEEL. That’s what theatre is about. To help us really feel.

Theatre really matters in our world. It helps us to open our hearts. It helps open our eyes to the human condition. It helps us realize that we all do feel and that not one of us is perfect. We are each beautiful and flawed.

Please continue supporting us, Naked Goddess, and other theatre in our communities. Please encourage those you love to be a part of theatre and to come out and be wrapped up in the glory of lives being lived out on stage.

We are so grateful for all your support….in every way that you support us and we look forward to sharing even more wonderful human stories with you in the new year!

We wish you and yours a fabulous new year…filled with heart, delight and creativity!!

Sandra & Nicole

The Wait is Over

We have been keeping you in the dark about what we’re up to next but wait no more….Naked Goddess is excited to present the thriller Wait Until Dark by Frederick Knott at the Havana Theatre March 1-12, 2016.

This exciting production will be directed by Michelle Ferguson with Curtis Tweedie designing sound and Cheyenne Mabberley designing costumes. We are so excited with this fabulous team of talented, hard working people!

We are still looking for a set designer, lighting designer and someone to help with props so if you are interested…or know someone who is…please talk to us!

Check back often to learn more about this production….and all things Naked!!

Thanks y’all!

What an exhilarating time it’s been for Naked Goddess! Back from our hiatus and what a whirlwind….in three months we rehearsed and mounted not one, but two, fantastically received shows on two coasts!

Thank you once again to all the fabulous people who worked so hard on In a Forest, Dark and Deep and Ninety…you made the experience wonderful and we will always cherish these memories! Thank you also to everyone who came out and watched the show….your support means so much to us.

Naked Goddess has some exciting plans for our next productions and we can’t wait to start telling you about them! Please keep your eyeballs glued on this space to learn more about our upcoming adventures!


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One More Night in the Cabin….

It has been an intense and incredible journey to bring this play to life and it’s hard to believe that we have only one show left.

Thank you to a very dedicated and committed team who has helped bring this project to life….it’s been wonderful working with you all and many, many thanks and accolades are in order. Much, much love to everyone who gave of their time, talent and tools.

Thank you also to those who have come out and supported local theatre…we appreciate your support, energy and comments.

"Intense and enjoyable with terrific performances."
"…not sure which character is Beauty and which is the Beast. Either way, wonderfully acted!"

"Thank YOU!!! It was great!!! Can’t wait for your next one!"

Also, a big thank you is in order to those who made financial contributions to our production:

Gurjit Ahluwalia
Laureen Block
Tabitha and Frank Lew
Chau Smith

One more night…. in a forest, dark and deep…..

“When parents tell their kids to love each other, I don’t think this is what they have in mind.”

We had a great go the first week and we look forward to beginning our second week of being in a remote cabin In a Forest, Dark and Deep. Reviews are rolling in and we love hearing from our very supportive audience, as well!

​Sandra Medeiros as Betty

Photo by Angelo Renai

Jo Ledingham has a lot to say about Betty and Bobby. Read her intriguing, in-depth review here:

"Strong performances buoy dark, challenging script exploring family ties. This is no Hansel and Gretel story. When parents tell their kids to love each other, I don’t think this is what they have in mind." ~ Jo Ledingham

Carlo Marks as Bobby
​Photo by Angelo Renai

Here are some more recent comments from our audience members:

"Absolutely loved it! (You) both did an amazing job portraying Betty and Bobby. The Havana Theatre was the perfect venue for the performance being that it’s so intimate, it allows for the audience to feel like they’re right there and part of the set. I will definitely be recommending friends to come out and your performance! Bravo!"

"Come check out the fantastic production …. Dark and intense. I sat at the edge of my seat through the entire play."

​The cabin

Designed by Triane Tambay

One Week Deep

Our first week of performances for In a Forest, Dark and Deep is wrapping up. Here’s another great review from Fun!Fun!Vancouver!

​Photo by Angelo Renai

And here are some comments from our supportive audience:

"It was amazing! Congratulations!"
"What a story! It was very well done. The actors brought the story to life, has stuck with me all day. Thanks again!"
"A fun evening out and a bleeping good play!"
"It was so !$*&!#* I could hardly @#!?%!^ believe it!"
"Really good show, the whole premise was unexpected…I like that. And…..great music choices, I caught all the song title references."

"Congrats … to the whole team! What amazing talent! The acting was superb, the set design was amazing, and the light and sound effects were impressive. We really enjoyed the performance last night. Well done!!!!"

"I went last night and it was amazing! Well done."
"The performances were fantastic. The characters are extremely flawed but so real…"
"I enjoyed the superb performance and captivating plot. This was a blast! I hope to see more productions soon."
"The performances in this piece are outstanding. Worth a watch."

Opening night is finally here!

Thank you to a wonderfully supportive audience who were at our preview last night! We have also received our first review…and it’s a goodie!

xNaked Goddess Productions
In a Forest Dark and Deep by Neil LaBute

Dates and Venue 20 – 30 May | Havana Theatre

Reviewer Ed Farolan

This is the Western Canadian premiere of this play directed by Jessie-nominated Tamara McCarthy, and featuring Carlo Marks as Bobby and Sandra Medeiros as Betty.LaBute’s style is very language-oriented: terse, rhythmic, and highly colloquial. very similar to one of his favorite playwrights, David Mamet. Medeiros and Marks delivered their lines as LaBute would have wanted them to. It’s a powerfuil play, and both actors did really good acting their roles as brother and sister in a love/hate relationship.

I was also impressed by the scenic effects: thunder and lightning, giving this isolated house in the forest a mysterious feeling. But the storyline was very good. LaBute knows how to keep us guessing and asking, "What’s going to happen next?" That almost Hitchcock-like suspense, as Bobby probes into Betty’s personal life, getting the truth from her.

She slowly confesses her crimes, but younger brother Bobby is there to help her out, despite their differences and different viewpoints on morality and life.

Very well-acted and directed. Kudos to the actors, director and production staff for a successful mise-en-scene..

© 2015 Ed Farolan

Shout outs to some great supporters!

We have been extremely fortunate to receive some great support from some fabulous local businesses! They are all so great and we are appreciative of their support and encourage you to support them, as well!! Some great ones here!

Iain and Laurie MacDonell, Re/Max Select Real Estate
Derek McIver, Insurance and Investments, iFreedom Financial Solutions
Dr. Brent Willox, Vancouver Wellness Chiropractic
Inprint Graphics
Grant Street Wellness Clinic

As well, a big heartfelt thank you goes to the following friends:

Brent Clark
Nicole Fairbairn

for their generosity in supporting the GoFundMe campaign for In a Forest, Dark and Deep. If you are planning on seeing the show, you might want to consider the $75 level, which gets you 2 tickets to the show and shoutouts in our program, FB page and website. If you can’t see the show, but would like to support us anyway, any contribution is greatly appreciated…along with shoutouts!

You can make your donation here:

Also, it’s a great time for theatre lovers! Please also support our friends at The Revolver Festival playing at the Cultch May 20-31st. Check out Double Recessive: Oppression. Genocide. Comedy.