The end of a busy year….

The end of a very busy year is coming to a close. This year was both wonderful and challenging, with both of us coming out of hiatus and producing two very different shows on two different coasts. We each followed our hearts and we created…we encourage you all to do the same….

We could only have done it with the fabulous teams who joined us on these fabulously tumultuous journeys. People like us, with busy personal lives, but who have a passion for making human stories come alive on stage. Talented, hard working and very creative people for whom we are so grateful for….

Thank you to the following friends who poured in so much time, heart and energy: Tamara McCarthy, Carlo Marks, Sarah Mabberley, Triane Tambay, Matthew Macdonald-Bain, Graham Oxley, Emily Henney, Susete Helena, Sue Chiu, Angelo Renai, Bulent Hasan, Mercy Cherian, William Macdonald, Lily J. Mills, Laura Sepulveda and Lisa Scianella.

Thank you to all the fabulous people who have been supporting Naked Goddess Theatre from the beginning….and also thank you to those who just discovered us! We are grateful for everyone who helped out in a myriad of other ways – those who contributed time, creativity and resources, those who donated generously and those who bought tickets and shared in our stories.

Thank you to our audiences, filled with people who love theatre, people who love us, people who had never even seen live theatre before….people who laughed, cried and gasped in horror in dark intimate spaces with other strangers…all for that opportunity to be drawn into a human story and to FEEL. That’s what theatre is about. To help us really feel.

Theatre really matters in our world. It helps us to open our hearts. It helps open our eyes to the human condition. It helps us realize that we all do feel and that not one of us is perfect. We are each beautiful and flawed.

Please continue supporting us, Naked Goddess, and other theatre in our communities. Please encourage those you love to be a part of theatre and to come out and be wrapped up in the glory of lives being lived out on stage.

We are so grateful for all your support….in every way that you support us and we look forward to sharing even more wonderful human stories with you in the new year!

We wish you and yours a fabulous new year…filled with heart, delight and creativity!!

Sandra & Nicole

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