Unsung Heroes

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents of the kids in our production of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever…they are the true unsung heroes of this production.

Not only are these amazing parents encouraging their children’s artistic and creative dreams, but they have raised some really great little humans. These kids are kind, talented and professional and it has been such a joy to work with them on this project.

We are grateful to the parents for diligently getting their kids to all their rehearsals and performances. These parents have dealt with transit issues, rush hour traffic and have helped each other out with carpooling to ensure their kids made it on time.

That’s only half of it – these parents worked with their kids at home, to make sure they had their lines memorized and helped with their diction. They scrounged through their closets, looking for costumes pieces and accessories. They helped pick up props, set pieces and promotional material. These parents put up posters and postcards and helped promote the show which has helped us enjoy an extremely successful run. Then they sat in the audience, beaming, watching their children create magic on stage and become part of a special and heartwarming experience.

The support that these wonderful parents have given to their kids and to our production has helped us so much. They understand that theatre is a team effort and they are instilling these values to their children and we are so proud to know that the future of our theatre community is going to thrive with these fabulous kids.

Thank you so very much!!!

Sandra & Tamara

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