One More Night in the Cabin….

It has been an intense and incredible journey to bring this play to life and it’s hard to believe that we have only one show left.

Thank you to a very dedicated and committed team who has helped bring this project to life….it’s been wonderful working with you all and many, many thanks and accolades are in order. Much, much love to everyone who gave of their time, talent and tools.

Thank you also to those who have come out and supported local theatre…we appreciate your support, energy and comments.

"Intense and enjoyable with terrific performances."
"…not sure which character is Beauty and which is the Beast. Either way, wonderfully acted!"

"Thank YOU!!! It was great!!! Can’t wait for your next one!"

Also, a big thank you is in order to those who made financial contributions to our production:

Gurjit Ahluwalia
Laureen Block
Tabitha and Frank Lew
Chau Smith

One more night…. in a forest, dark and deep…..


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