One Week Deep

Our first week of performances for In a Forest, Dark and Deep is wrapping up. Here’s another great review from Fun!Fun!Vancouver!

​Photo by Angelo Renai

And here are some comments from our supportive audience:

"It was amazing! Congratulations!"
"What a story! It was very well done. The actors brought the story to life, has stuck with me all day. Thanks again!"
"A fun evening out and a bleeping good play!"
"It was so !$*&!#* I could hardly @#!?%!^ believe it!"
"Really good show, the whole premise was unexpected…I like that. And…..great music choices, I caught all the song title references."

"Congrats … to the whole team! What amazing talent! The acting was superb, the set design was amazing, and the light and sound effects were impressive. We really enjoyed the performance last night. Well done!!!!"

"I went last night and it was amazing! Well done."
"The performances were fantastic. The characters are extremely flawed but so real…"
"I enjoyed the superb performance and captivating plot. This was a blast! I hope to see more productions soon."
"The performances in this piece are outstanding. Worth a watch."


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